Hey everyone, In the spirt of doing more I now have a tumblr! Here you can read little snip bits of my day, see photos of mine, and just hang out with me. I hope you all enjoy.

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Canoe Trip

One day I told my dad that I wanted to go on a canoe trip with my poppa. He told me to tell my poppa that. So I did. He was all for it.

About a month later we set out. First we packed up then got some subway.

When we got down to the drop off we heard this awful noise. A car then pulled up and two dogs bolted out. The dogs and their owners played fetch. The dogs then were wheezing swimming back with the sticks.

We final got in the water and started paddling  We saw fish and ducks and a lot of dragonflies. After a little bit we stopped in some shade and ate our subway. Which was very good. Then we kept paddling.

All of a sudden we heard a train. My poppa told me to get ready to smile and wave because I was about to receive 5 minutes of fame. “I wonder how many people will take a picture of the silly people in the canoe with all that stuff.” he told me. And he was right, people smiled and waved and took pictures of us. I smiled and waved right back.

As we got close to the islands were we were camping on, he told me that there is a big island and a small one. He informed me that the little one was better because we could have it all to our selves.

When we got there there was a boat on the small island we then got up on the big island. They were only fishing yay! While waiting for them to leave a couple came up and got out.

We talked to them for a bit and my poppa told them that they could set up there stuff any were, and that we were going on the small island once the fishers left. The fishing people then left and we went over to the small island. We got out and my poppa set up a tarp while I swam in the lake a bit.

That night we made a fire and cooked some steak. We sat in front of the fire for a while listening to our neighbors playing horse shoes, which at the time sounded more like some one throwing knifes at wood.

The next morning (and yes we did sleep in a tent the “old fashion way”) we had ranch bagels that were oh-so-good.

We started to paddle back and we planed to go further up and surprise my grandma. (the river is connected to the woods in their back yard.) But the wind decided to blow nice and hard in the opposite direction that we were going in, so we pulled up on the side of the road and called my mom to come get us. It was a wonderful trip and i suggest that if you get the chance that you take some time to go outside with your family.

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The Power of Weird

Some people try to act “normal” they hide from the weird. But what is normal?

Well it depends on whom you ask. For me I do not know normal. I live in the weird. Its really all I know, I have been brought up to not be “normal”.

Though my parents did not say, “lets raise our children to be weird”, but I am and so are my brother and the rest of my family. We like it that way if my parents weren’t the way they are now if they were so to say “normal” I might not have been able to buy that first roll of duck tape. I might not even have an opportunity to tell you my thoughts like I am now.

Weird is good its fun in all ways, so be weird because when it comes down to it your definition of normal depends on your definition of weird.

Mine is that normal is boring.

photo by John Blaney

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Monster Cookies

A few families from around the neighborhood got together for taco night. My family was in charge of dessert. So I made Monster cookies. They are a family recipe. Oatmeal, peanut butter, and chocolate how can you go wrong.

Don’t worry here’s the recipe.


Monster Cookies

  • – 1 cup Brow Sugar
  • – 1 cup White Sugar
  • – 1 teaspoon Vanilla
  • – 1 teaspoon Maple Syrup
  • – 2 teaspoon Baking Soda
  • – 1 1/3 cups Peanut Butter
  • – 1/2 cup Butter/Crisco

Mix all together.


  • – 4 1/2-5 cups old school uncooked Oatmeal
  • – 2/3 cup M&M’s
  • – 2/3 cup Chocolate Chips

Bake for 8-10 mins at 350 on ungreased cookie sheet


Please tell me what you think.

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My Daddy and Me Road Trip!

“Milford to Syracuse, away we go, what will we find no one knows, Milford to Syracuse, away we go”

My mom was on a business trip and my brother is at camp, so I got to go to Syracuse NY with my dad.We drove there.

my view from the car

Our plan was to play it by ear, so when we got hungry we stopped in a town called Utica. We ate at Master Pizza. (after driving around we found that it was the only place open) We also found out that Utica is famous for the Boiler Maker road race. When we got to Syracuse we our hotel we stayed at the Sheraton.

my hotel

We went to Armory Square. There we stopped at Joette’s at armory square.

I got a toe ring but when I went to pay the woman at the counter noticed that the button on my purse was broken. She offered to glue it back on. It worked. See she had the hot glue out all ready. What she did was not hard and it didn’t take long. What she did we call being nice. BE NICE!!! It’s free and not hard.

my toe ring

We then went to dinner at dinosaur BBQ. It was very good. They had spicy deviled eggs. YUMMY!!

The next day my dad was to speak and his friend assigned me a intern. You can’t help but feel special if you have an intern. She was very nice.

We ate pizza at Varsity. After we got cookies from a cookie truck. After that we headed home. We stopped to get some snacks. I was delighted to see that they had pecan pie glazed pecans. YUMMY!!

Please please please let the little things in life make you happy. If you don’t you might be looking for some thing that’s not there. You’re only as happy as you let yourself be.

As for example we stopped for dinner in Lee,Massachusetts. Some people next to us ordered lobster. The lobster was wearing a little chef hat. All they were was a little paper cup with the sides pushed out. Also it helped that every thing was wonderful.

Oh by the way we ate at Salmon Run Fish House. One other thing that made we happy was me and my dad went on a walk after dinner.

Spend time with family.



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my pictures


When I was at New York I toke some pictures.

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As most of you know I love art. All kinds paint, clay, crayons, paper, wood, and random stuff I find laying around. today I made a painting. What is it? you may ask, but I want to know what you think. Please tell me what you think it is.


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